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The Best Books for Growing a Business in 2015

Gift these books to yourself this holiday to get on the path toward growth and success in 2015.

If there was a magic bullet to grow your business, you’d be lining up to get yours, right?

Well, there isn’t one, but reading good books is one way to ensure the path to growth is paved with sound decisions, good practices, and productive strategies.

While it’s been proven that a little escapism between the pages of a novel actually has the power to activate neural pathways in the brain that help social skills which impact the bottom line, reading about the experiences of others deep in the trenches of leadership and innovation can be valuable to apply to our own work.

With that in mind, here are some of the books we’ve found most useful over the past year, in no particular order.


How Google Works

Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg

In case you missed it, mid-market companies are hiring at a rapid clip and staff expansion is expected to keep pace in 2015.  The only way to ensure sustainable growth while staffing up is to be smart about hiring practices. This book penned by the search giant’s executive chairman and its former SVP of product shows how to identify, attract, and retain “smart creatives” who can propel a company forward.


How to Be a Power Connector

Judy Robinett

It’s important to keep growing a professional network in the effort to achieve growth. Becoming a master at this, the author writes, is more than just a matter of connecting, caring, and adding value. Robinett not only recommends how to single out and pursue valuable relationships and broaden the scope of a network, but also how to become a connector yourself.


52 Strategies for Life, Love, and Work 

Anne Grady

Successfully growing her own business development practice while raising a severely mentally ill son is just one reason to pay heed to Grady’s experiences. But she goes beyond to offer easily digestible lessons that are meant to be incorporated each week to create meaningful change. The life and love part shouldn’t be discounted, after all. Success and growth begins within.


Creativity, Inc.

Ed Catmull

Think you’ve got problems? Try taking a dive into the early days of Pixar. The acclaimed animation studio had its share of struggles to find a clear path forward from the time it debuted an incredibly costly computer and the tussle with Disney over the making of one of its most successful films.


Everything Connects: How to Transform and Lead in the Age of Creativity, Innovation, and Sustainability

Faisal Hoque with Drake Baer

The subtitle says it all: in times when most business leaders are juggling multiple strategies to achieve success, it is the transformative practice that will allow the best to rise to the top. This book serves as a step-by-step guide to illuminate that transformation. The authors connect the dots between seemingly disparate concepts, people, and technologies and show how they are interdependent, and how that changes our path to the best ideas, decisions, and value.

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